One Click Product Lister for all Major Resell Marketplaces

List your products on ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Facebook Marketplace with just a single click of a button.

7-day trial. No charge

Cross List Between

List More. Sell More. Fast and Easy.

No need to waste time listing manually. NabPush handles the most boring task for you so you can list in seconds and sell faster.

Go to any product page on supported sites, look for NabPush icons for marketplaces where you want to copy that product, and click it.

Check your Product and Post

Once you click that icon, you’ll be redirected to the target marketplace’s listing page with titles, images, description, pricing, and categories updated for you.

No need to download images or copy paste product descriptions. NabPush does it for you.

Reach More Customers Effortlessly

Selling on multiple platform is now easy with NabPush one click product lister. No extra setup is needed and no complicated dashboards required.

List directly from your browser with NabPush multi product listing extension and attract thousands of buyers in a matter of seconds.

One Click Listing

Wtih one click, your product will be ready for listing on the marketplace.

No API Needed

It works without complex API setups thus making posting even easier.

In-Browser Use

No downloads. Simply use NabPush chrome extension to list products.

Edit Fast

Edit your product heading, description, and pricing if needed or just publish.

Save Time and Money to Automate Listing

Imagine doing the tedious chore of downloading, editing, and uploading images one by one to your favourite marketplace. It’s no fun. Even copy pasting product titles and description can become tiring when it comes to more than just a few products.

NabPush will save your precious time and money that’s otherwise spent on doing the listing yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. View, click, confirm, and publish and your product listing is live on the other marketplace. It’s that simple.

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